Guest Blogger – Sweetpea

Today my niece, Sweetpea, will be guest blogging.  Okay, so it’s an essay she wrote for school, exactly as she wrote it.  Nonetheless, today, she’s a blogger.

Food Around The World*
By Sweetpea

I love food around the world!  I ate 6 different typs of food around the world in 2 weaks.

First I ate Freanch Toast.  It was soft, chewy, plane, and yummy at the same time.  Then fore lunch I ate Tacos.  It had a tangy crunchy tast to it.  Then for dinner I had Jamacian Beef Pattys.  At some points it had a spice to it and it was so hot I thout my toung was melting.  Then the next day came it was time for lunch and I thought nothing was beater then good old pizza.  I love peperonie pizza.  I is so cheasy and flavory I don’t want to leave the table.  Then that night for dinner I had Spanish rice and steak.  The spanish rice has a (flavor) that is extraordinary I can’t tell.  The steak has a flavor that is so good about it.  I wanted even more spices on it.

The Freanch toast is from France, the taco is from Mexico, the Jamican Beef Pattys are from Jamica, the pizza is from Italy, the Spanish Rice is from Spain and the stake is from my home town in the U.S.A..  I love food and I would like to have my own TV show and become a food cridic!

Yes, Sweetpea, you are cheasy and flavory, very flavory……

Hopefully tomorrow, The Mancub’s essay will appear here.

*I wasn’t going to try to explain to her that very little of this is actually from anywhere else but here.  She’s only just agreed to eat the beef patties.

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