Hoping for a Better Debate

I was listening to a couple of pundits talking about the 2008 Election, funnily enough, I agreed with them.  The oddest bit was that they agreed with each other.  I can’t remember all the names, but it was Ann Coulter and a Democrat, honestly, I wish I could remember his name.  What they both said was this: no matter the outcome, it would be better for the country if Barak Obama won the spot on the Democrat ticket.  Without the Clintons in, we could actually debate the issues rather than the slimeing and character assassination that goes along with Clintonian politics.  Oh, happy day!

Obama will not get my vote no matter what he says at this point, since it’s not what they say but what they’ve done that will earn my vote.  I am quite apprehensive of his socialist policies and his basic not-ready-for-primetimeiness.  His response to the Pakistan question was jarring and dead wrong.  (He said he would invade Pakistan if it was found to be harboring terrorist.  Never mind that they are an ally, never mind a million other reasons that invading a Muslim state that already teeters on the brink of implosion, that battles radicalism every day.  Never mind that…)

I do believe that the attacks the Clintons have brought against Obama to be heinous and disgusting.  Debate the flipping issues, not what religion he may or may not be, not what he wrote in class when he was seven.  Debate the issues.

Since my favorite, Fred Thompson, got out of the race I haven’t decided whom I’m supporting.  It won’t be Mike Huckabee, that’s for certain.  He’s an idiot when it comes to foreign affairs and a dunderhead when it comes to economics.  I also just don’t like his use of his religion against his opponents.  That isn’t Christian behavior.  We aren’t electing a pastor, we are electing a president in a country without a national religion.

Well, I’m hoping that the two candidates, or more if you included the independents.  I’d love to see a good issues centered election after the primaries.  Lets see who agrees with us the most and then vote for that person.  After all, like Reagan said, if you are 80% my friend, does that make you 20% my enemy.

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