Top Ten List of Most Annoying Phone Callers

(Note: This is YOU calling ME. Not ME calling YOU.)
(Note #2: Yes, this has all happened to me. Recently.)
1.   Call to ask for a phone number/directions and then ask ME to wait while you get pen and paper.
Seriously? If you are calling me for information then have writing materials ready, having already made sure your pen works. Why the heck would anyone do this? Especially if you want to apply for a job.
2.   Repeat a question hoping to get a different answer.
If I just told you that Karen is out of the office, don’t ask me a different way if you can talk to her. She isn’t here, I told you that, asked to take a message. When I ask if I can take a message, that means she isn’t here. Like I just said.
3.   Mumble.
Speak directly into the microphone and speak clearly. If I have asked you to speak up more than once maybe you need to practice your phone skills.
4.   Have a conversation with someone else while attempting to have one with me.
I don’t call you and talk to my BFF at the same time, do me the same courtesy.
5.   Know who you are calling and why.
Especially if I just answered the phone with “Winston’s Widget Works, may I help you?” don’t ask me who YOU are calling, I just told you. Why did you call me?
6.   Call me for directions and then insist I stay on the phone with you while you drive to my location.
A. Get a working pen and paper.
B. Call me, ask for directions, then WRITE THEM DOWN SO YOU CAN UNDERSTAND THEM.
C. Look at a map if you are unfamiliar with the area.
Honestly, if you are the one who needs a job or whatever, and you are the one who is unfamiliar, and you are the one who is trying to get to me, and I’ve already given you directions, then it is up to YOU to make sure you can find me. Learn to read a map, learn to use a map.
7.   Give the ENTIRE explanation and reason behind your phone call.
I really don’t need to know the backstory on your life until yesterday to understand why you are calling for the hours of my shop. I don’t really want to know, just ask the question and then say Thank you. Then hang up.
8.   Yell at me the moment I answer the phone.
Once again, do some research first. I get it, stuff goes wrong, I agree, that shouldn’t have happened. However, I’m not the one who did it, not my fault, I’m just answering the phone. Help me help you by being polite, clear and level headed, I don’t want my company getting a bad rap either, we want to make it right, so, get your story straight, (that means writing it down before you call me) and determining to be kind to the poor sap who must answer the phone.
9.   Use foul language/call me rude names.
I am hanging up as soon as you say it, no warning. I have caller ID, I won’t pick up my phone for you. I’m a professional, I expect to be treated that way, I treat you that way. Maybe you use that language around your mom and grandmother, but it is absolutely not acceptable.
10. Launch right into your request with out a greeting.
It’s rude. Say: “Hello, my name is Wendy, I’d like to speak to someone about your catastrophic converters.” It’s polite to do so, it begins the conversation with kindness. In case you don’t know, let me explain: beginning with politeness means the rest of the conversation continues that way. Begin with rudeness, you figure out what happens.
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