Really Stupid People

Most of the time, at least in the universe I inhabit, the big cats are carnivores that enjoy hunting and killing things like us.  You know, weak, virtually defenseless slow creatures with soft underbellies.  In other words, we who are easily disemboweled should remain apart from them in a very literal and physical way.

Unless you’re this idiot.

In front of his wife and children this bubblehead sticks his arm INTO the tiger enclosure at a zoo in India.  You know, India, where Bengal Tigers are KNOWN to regularly turn man-eater.  So, now, instead of the regular photographs of Mom and kiddies at the zoo, these poor children get to forever remember the horrible screams of their stupid father getting his arm ripped off.  All for better pictures.

I’m sure I’ll get scolded for calling this man stupid, an idiot and a moron.  But, well, look at what he did and what he put his family through?  And for what?  Nothing.  No freaking reason.

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