That’s hello in Lithuanian, which I’m desperate to learn as I’ll be going there in a minute. Well, in a little more than a month. Yeeee Haaaaaaaa!

Dad and I are going with my brother, Fred, and his lovely wife, Rasa, to introduce him to her Lithuanian family. We are in the process of planning an Eastern European tour, so we may go to Russia, at least the little bit of it that’s trapped on the Baltic Sea between Lithuania and Poland, and we will be going to Poland. The thing about Russia is that we will need a tourist visa and a letter of invitation. Both are pricey, so we probably won’t go, but I’ll work on it.

I’ll get to see castles and stuff. One place I want to see is the Hill of Crosses. Fred and Rasa have promised we will go there. I adore travel, and getting to see bits of the world is fascinating.

I will add more as I get it, but hopefully, I’ll be posting from there. I plan on taking my computer and sending photos and updates here on my travels. YAY!!!

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