Communists = Death

I heard Cindy Sheehan say she would prefer to live under strongman Hugo Chavez in Venezuela rather than the US.  Frankly, I don’t care where she lives, but she might want to reconsider.

She forgets that visiting someone at home is VERY different from living with them.  VERY.  Sure she’s been welcomed in Venezuela in general and by Chavez specifically.  I’m sure he was a charming host.  I’ve heard that he is very charming.  Almost irresistibly so.  Which makes me twitchy.  Charming leaders don’t inspire a high level of trust in me.  Hitler was irresistible to dogs and children.  Napoleon was compelling, as was Alexander the Great.  Charming men don’t necessarily make the best leaders, they just make convincing ones.

She also forgets that she is newsworthy and valuable precisely because she is an American going overseas making treasonous statements in hostile foreign countries.  Once that status changes she will no longer be a pawn, which is exactly what she is to Chavez, make no mistake.  When she is no longer profitable she will no longer be courted.

She forgets the history of Communists.  One that she shouldn’t considering that Chavez is getting ready to visit the Puffy-Haired Nightmare (Puffy-H) in Pyongyang.  She forgets that the cult of personality that allowed Stalin to murder millions, Mao at least 30 million in his “Great Leap Forward”, Pol Pot murdered one million of his country men and women, one fifth of Cambodia’s population and Puffy-H is currently starving his people to death.  It’s so bad in North Korea that the people there are escaping to the relative freedom of China.  Everywhere communism goes, suffering and brutality surely follow.  Chavez is no different, we just haven’t seen the worst yet.  He is currently setting himself up as a people’s man.  He claims to have the workers and the poor in mind, but the murder rate in Venezuela has risen alarmingly under his rule, and he has aligned himself with several of the most repressive regimes in the world (his friendship with Castro and new found BFF Puffy-H)  If you listen carefully to him, he is encouraging class warfare.  When that comes, he will be the only winner.

She has forgotten in her grief over her son that he signed up for this.  He chose to join the military, with that choice comes a certain group of fair assumptions, one being that death in the line of duty is a distinct possibility.  She can be sad, I would be.  But her son chose to be a soldier, he knew what he was doing.

She also forgets that had her son stayed home there is no guarantee that he would have lived.  There is no guarantee that I will see the morning.  None.  I hope so, but stuff happens.  People are murdered here too.  Often.

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