My New Favorite

This year my garden is producing few peas, I don’t know why, and many many more radishes. Growing up I wasn’t a fan of that little spicy red thing, but now, oh yum. But anyway, I’m still not so enamored of the straight up radish. I like it slightly marinated in Rice Vinegar, a little salt, a little pepper and I’m gone. By slightly I mean about five minutes. That seems to take the bitterness away and leaves the clear taste of the radish.

Even better than that just straight is a salad made of fresh greens and herbs straight out of my garden, seasoned with salt, kosher or sea salt, fresh ground black pepper, add a dash of really good olive oil. Then pour the bowl of marinating radishes over the lettuces and toss. Oh my lanta! That’s a really good salad. You can add a touch of grated Romano, but you don’t have to. It’s nearly perfect exactly the way it is.

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