The Weekend In the News

Suicides in GITMO

I hear things on the radio, newsy things that I wish I could write down the references so i could find them and substantiate.  Specifically I wanted to clarify something, that if true, would be hilariously hypocritical and very telling.  It was a Saudi clerics response to the three stunt suicides at GITMO.  He said, according to the report, that he didn’t believe these deaths could possibly be suicide because suicide is forbidden by the Koran.  Seriously?  Really?  Does that then mean that all clerics will then come out strongly against all idiots who strap a belt of explosives to their guts and march into a downtown Jerusalem Safeway and blow themselves up next to that Jewish grandma buying rutabegas?  OH, wait, there’s a difference between blowing up yourself AND the grandma and just blowing up your little onesie. 

Iraq and the Left

Upon the death of the unlamented Zarqawi, the left predictably called for pulling out of Iraq.  They keep saying that Iraq is this generations Vietnam.  No, and frankly, neither was Vietnam.  Just a quick review of the Vietnam pull out reads like a death toll for a horrific disaster, mostly because it was.  We could leave now, but that would be crazy and would lead to the same sorts of anarchy/terror that followed the 1975 pullout.  Boat people, re-education camps, political prisoners, you could even argue, with good reason, that the destruction of Cambodia by the Khmer Rouge and the slaughter that followed was a direct result of that messy pull out.  Iraq is different in a million ways from Vietnam.  Even with Zarqawi dead we can’t just leave.  It would revert, go back to what was there before and the fledgling democratically elected government will fail.  Remember what was there before: prisons with blood soaked torture cells, mass graves full of women and children with a single bullet to the back of the head, millions just missing, no justice only bribery and slavish fawning.  Did you know there was a prison just for children there?  Just for children.  it’s not easy there, no one ever thought it would be, we are fighting for freedom, theirs and ours.   (How cowardly to shoot women and children in the back of the head.  They didn’t even give them the dignity of facing thier accuser and executioner.  What freakin’ cowards.)

John Bolton

Love him.  Again.

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