Insomniac Dreams: Beds

Okay, mostly it’s daydreams, or fantasizing in the middle of the night when I should be sleeping. It’s beds of which I dream. There are some beds I’ve seen that I imagine it would be sensuously lovely to attempt to sleep in. And I mean sleep.

Just a note on bed clothes: I spend enough time not sleeping, waiting to sleep, longing to sleep, in my bed that the sheets have got to be really soft. Otherwise they get irritating. No pilly flannel because they also have to stay cool, so it’s linen or cotton. Jersey doesn’t work either because it’s too stretchy when I flip around trying to find that spot/position that allows me to slip away. Pillows have to be feather and squishy firm, if that makes sense. Supportive yet conforming.

Now for my list of beds I covet:

1. There is a commercial for an island resort, I can’t remember which, that shows a canopied bed with full billowing linen curtains outside catching the sea breezes under a gazebo on the beach. Oh how I long to sleep there, big fluffy pillows, the smell of the sea, birds calling……

2. In LOTR-ROTK at the end, after destroying the ring, Frodo is taken to the houses of healing in Minas Tirith, the White City of Gondor. He wakes in a bed that I have longed to take a nap in since I saw it. Fluffy feather bed, lots of pillows, soft light seeping in through the windows, warm quilt.

3. Princess Buttercup’s bed in The Princess Bride. It’s lovely, beautifully clothed in silk, again with a feather bed, soft pillows and a large fire place in the room. The perfect place to sleep in winter.

4. Back to LOTR, but this time it’s FOTR. The bed in Rivendell where Frodo wakes after his stabbing by the Witch King of Angmar. That is the bed I most covet. All the best of the other three, but adding the sounds of the forest and a nearby river and you’ve achieved perfection.

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