Top 10 List – Why Fall Rocks

10. Sleeping with your windows open again after a summer of over 90 degree heat. 11 would be having a window fan, but it’s sort of redundant, so I won’t really include it here.
9. The clarity of the skies. It’s bluer than is possible in summer because the heat haze is gone.
8. Fresh Apples. Yeah baby, they haven’t really been fresh since last autumn. Right off the tree and soo perky.
7. Fresh Candy Corn. That hasn’t been fresh since last year either. Makes you kinda wonder about what the heck they sell these days, doesn’t it?
6. Planning to Christmas shop early. I know, it’s just plans and you won’t actually get any shopping done until December 22, but it’s nice to plan.
5. Did I mention that the temperature has dropped? If I weren’t scared of the repeater police, 10 – 1 would be lower temperatures. I am really really happy when the evenings are down below 65, when the days don’t go much above 75 and when it goes into the 50’s at night.
4. Crisp Fall Mornings when there’s frost on the pumpkins. And I love pumpkins too.
3. The changing leaves. In Maryland you can see every color right of verde: orange, yellow, red, brown and sometimes purple. I love the colors all different on one tree and then mixing it up with dozens of other species. It’s the best.
2. Leaf piles. I still flop into them every chance I get, I actually like to rake if I get to look forward to some quality leaf flops. Getting to watch the kiddies do it is the bonus round.
1. The smell. Every season has a smell, falls is simply my favorite. When the leaves start to rot and the weather gets colder, there is a metallic smell to the air that reminds me of the delicious anticipation of Halloween and Thanksgiving, and farther into the distance of kid-dom, the motherlode of all holidays, Christmas. That smell is a glorious thing, I cherish it, and breathe it in every chance I get. Even though I’m not a child anymore, well, mostly, I still look forward to the end of the year and winter in that first smell of fall. I don’t think you can buy a leaf rot candle, but if I could, I would.

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