Mom’s Funeral

I went back in time and pulled this out of a post I’d made to a Pancreas Cancer Support Group I was a part of when Mom died. Just wanted to post this here, make it permanent.


The day was SOOOOOOO amazing. That it didn’t rain was incredible given the summer we’ve had, and that it had been dry and lovely for a few days was great, but honestly I don’t remember a prettier day this summer. Maryland has had such an interesting summer, but it gave us a gorgeous, lovely, bright day, with high blue skies, a kind breeze and just the right temperature.

The bagpiper was this great guy who did so much more that we thought he would do. He played for 1/2 hour before the service, so of course we were all crying as we walked in. It was just incredibly touching. Even inside you could hear him play.

Then, it was standing room only. People I hadn’t seen in years, decades even, were there, as well as really dear friends and nearly all the family. My nephew in the service made it into town the night before and was there in his uniform, mom would have loved to see him dressed in his Marine greens. The service and the readings were wonderful, I got through mine, we all did, excellently. My dad’s eulogy was so amazing, it was funny and dear and really honored her. Mom’s best friend gave the other eulogy and oh my gosh she did such an amazing job. My mom asked her to make sure that everyone there heard the gospel, heard that Jesus Christ is God and that he died for us and that through him we can be saved and go to heaven. She did a great job for mom, kind through out, but still very specific. We sang one of her favotite hymns, ‘The Battle Hymn of the Republic’ I can still hear mom marching around the house singing at the top of her lungs, ‘Glory Glory Halleluia!’ Then at the end, my brother was going to get her urn to take it to the cemetary and he improptu got to the mike and said ‘My mother always said, ‘My son, my son.’ well, My Momma, my Momma’. His voice cracked, he started to cry a little, we all just wept. He got the urn, then dad, and the kids followed behind.

When we got outside, the day was still so amazing and wonderful, and we gathered the family and waited for a minute or five, and then the piper started playing, and he walked with my brother in the middle carrying her urn and my father on the other side. We walked behind. The cemetary is about a quarter mile away from the church, so we stopped traffic, which mom would have loved, and the long procession lead by the piper walked on the glorious day to the cemetary. I loved that walk. Once we got there, the piper played until everyone was up at the grave site. Then there was the little ceremony, then we put dozens of roses over her urn, everyone filed by to put a rose down. And as the minister finished, the piper played Amazing Grace. It was all so beautiful and lovely. The piper played the family and who ever was left back to the church and for a little while after.

Then we ate the amazing lunch prepared by her church and talked about her. People brought the things she had made for them, quilts, cross stich, afgans, memories. We had three boards of pictures of mom. There were lots of flowers, even though we said to donate to John’s hopkins, but mom loved flowers, so it was totally appropriate.
What an amazing way to honor a wonderful lady.

Afterwards, the family all came back to dad’s house and we ate and drank and danced and remembered, till very late in the night. Mom would have loved that too.

My mom was so amazing. I miss her so much, but I am very glad that we could honor her, her memory and accomplishments so well. She will be so terribly missed.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Just thought I’d shoot over here this morning to give your latest stuff a quick read. Ended up with tears in my eyes afer reading the description of your mom’s funeral. I remember that day too, the bagpiper, the wonderful service, your brother saying, “My momma, my momma” and the roses at the cemetary. What a God-glorifying homegoing, and what a God-glorifying description you’ve given of it.


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