Silliness in Politics

This is a rant on the British, one of our best allies, or so I thought. Until I heard something so terrifyingly silly I had to rethink the meaning of that word.

In the aftermath of the London bombings one British official had the following to say when questioned about Londonistan, the concentration of terrorism preaching imams in the local mosques, read carefully, the silliness may shock you, “We thought that if we were nice to them they wouldn’t harm us.”

Can you imagine? These terrorists think nothing at all of lobbing a bomb at their own people, from blowing up car bombs in a schoolyard, to ramming jets full of innocent people into buildings full of innocent people, but apparently if you are nice and give them a lolly they won’t mess with you. Not only is that scary thinking, it’s also deadly wrong.

And another thing, thank you so much for allowing the very sort of preaching that gave us Osama Bin Laden’s World Tour, 1995 – Present. If you are my ally, I expect that at all times you do not allow speeches encouraging the death of my family to be given with any kind of regularity, I especially do not expect that you will give these nutballs visas and allow them repeat access to your country AND that you would pay for their medical and dental plans. That’s a bit over the top for a marginal “ally” like France, but for one of our closest allies, it’s abominable behavior. Inexcusable folly, really.

I am sad that London was bombed, and in no way do I think that the people injured in the attacks were asking for it. But I do think the British Government was.

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