Child Molesters and the Judges that Love Them

Shasta Groene suffered at the hands of a monster while her mother, two brothers and her mother’s boyfriend died, for what? So the wheels of a crooked justice could spew a monster out of jail to satisfy some weak thought process? Shasta spent a month and a half, 45 days, 6 weeks, in the hands of a despicable creature that should have still been in jail.

At some point the laws of this country have to change to protect children. I appreciate that we have to treat everyone humanely. Check, got it. But what we don’t have to do is allow predators to walk the streets hunting children for their sick pleasure. We would shoot a killer bear, why do we think these predators are any less dangerous because they have to “register”? Already we’ve seen that is an ineffective deterrent for child sex offenders. (see story on Jessica Lunsford below.) Again, why do we expect law breakers to be law abiders all of a sudden once they are convicted. Has something momentous changed? No, it never has.

I’ve said it before, child sex offenders should be imprisoned for life, no chance of parole ever, first offense. (It’s the first time they got caught, it wasn’t the first time they perpetrated.) If they killed a child during the commission of the crime, they die. Period.

Now, the Judge that let that man go so he could prey upon the Groene family should be made to pay a penalty also. He can’t get off with out some kind of justice.

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2 Responses to Child Molesters and the Judges that Love Them

  1. endicott says:

    Maryland will never get its act together concerning sexual preditors. It makes me sick because: 1) my third cousin was Michelle Dorr and 2) I see how the state is not serious with any criminals, sexual offenders or otherwise. I see it every day. We give inmates movies. Do you know that Maryland State prisons subscribe to NetFlix? The inmates go bonkers if their DVD’s are late in the mail. Sometimes they watch them all, on a late-night, and cry for more. They get clean sheets once a week and cosmetics and postage (one stamp a day) if their financial accounts get too low. So what I’m trying to say is that some of these jails are like hotels. A preditor might roll with a few years for messing up a kid’s life. With industrial, school, work, double bunking and rehab. class credits, he or she might only serve a year or two. And get to see the latest movies to boot. There has to be a better way. But what? The only thing that comes to mind is to encourage active fatherhood. I get the feeling from half of these inmates that the first time they encountered any authority figure at all, it put them in jail.

    The piece of work who killed my cousin also killed a woman in Bethesda. Thankfully he should stay in jail a long time. He is currently housed in the Maryland House of Corrections Annex. Not the most pleasant of places to do your bit.

  2. Princess Vyvyan says:

    It’s revolting, and wrong. I’m looking into how to campaign for tougher laws. I’ll post here when I’ve figure it out.

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