Annoying Grammer – Top 3

These are the top 3 most irritating grammer issues, for me anyway.

3. Their, there, they’re. One is possesive, one is an adverb (as my friend the Queen tells me, not a preposition), the last is the conjunction of they are. These are different words used in specific instances. Different instances.
2. Had Went. You may have gone, perhaps you went, but never ever will you had went anywhere.
1. Your & You’re. Again, one is possesive, one is the conjuntion of you are.

Feel free to add.

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3 Responses to Annoying Grammer – Top 3

  1. queen marguerite says:

    4. definitely and definately. the first is correct. the second never existed in the english language.

    5. it’s and its. the first is the conjunction for it is. the second is a possessive.

  2. Carolyn McCulley says:

    Princess Vyvyan,

    The TOP offender is the misuse of plurals and possessives. As in: “I went to many store’s to find lot’s of clothe’s, but couldn’t find anything that didn’t resemble Vyvyans stuff already. And I want to be different than the Saavedra’s.”

    In every instance, the apostrophe is used or not used incorrectly.

    Thank you for letting me rant. I feel better already.

    The Empress of Montgomery County

  3. endicott says:

    What about (for) free when we mean to say free of charge or free of lemurs or free of Sean Connery circa 1965?

    Also, what about the way literally is substituted for figuratively nowadays? My head literally exploded trying to find the right words to post on the Princess’ blog! I think not.

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