Creatures that make you go "hmmm"

Hmm – Part 1
So let’s say that your daughter steals some money from you then goes on a bike ride with her best friend when she’s supposed to be home grounded, what do you do? Probably stabbing the girls a total of 30 times and beating the heck out of them and leaving them to die in the park wouldn’t be high on a rational parent’s mind. But to Jerry Hobbs it made sense. He says he was mad that she was out WITH her mother’s permission ON Mother’s day, and that her friend pulled the knife on him. Yeah, right. Dude just got out of prison, I’m totally sure he could have disarmed a 9 year old little girl with out beating the crap out of her then turning the knife on her. Sheesh, he could have run back to her mother and told on her.

Hmm – Part 2
It’s 2005, right? If you live in the Washington DC/New York, NY area, which includes Pennsylvania, and you were able to vote in 2001 you remember life before the terrorist attacks and you can now tell the difference. One thing would be the extra security around buildings, much of which was actually put in place after the Oklahoma City bombing. Another change would be the much expanded no-fly zone around Washington’s power center. Now if you are a pilot, even of a small Buddy-Holly-Lawn-Dart Cessna, you would be aware of the extensive no fly zone AND of the stated intentions of the US Military to shoot down any aircraft straying into that no fly zone and failing to respond.

Now read this wee little paragraph:
“The Cessna pilot appeared confused by the aircraft escort and did not respond to repeated signals ordering the plane to turn away. The F-16s fired four warning flares before the Cessna finally veered west and away from the secure zone.” (from My Way News, story linked below)

Some student pilot and his teacher from Pennsylvania wandered into the no fly zone and were seconds away from being shot and killed AND THEY DIDN’T RESPOND? Why? Maybe they turned their radio off or just didn’t like the “tone” of the F-16 pilots and ground control. What ever, they are obviously too stupid to be allowed to fly, maybe even drive. I’m not sure what’s really confusing about an F-16 wagging it’s wings at you and acting threateningly, they are fighting aircraft build for war after all.

Also, I’d like to point out that Washington DC has a VERY distinctive aerial look. It’s not really like you can miss either the Appalachians on one side, the Potomac in the middle and the Chesapeake on the other side, or DC itself.

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