Back in the USSR

Was anyone else weirded out by the display in Red Square in Moscow yesterday? I mean the display of the hammer and sycle and the old Soviet uniforms. Did anyone else feel like that wiley old Putin, (former KGB guy if I must remind you) was putting on more than a show for the 60th anniversary of V-E Day, a Soviet specific day. And that this same Putin is the one denying that life was anything other than rosey for those Baltic States that got the snot kicked out of them when they were annexed for their own good by “Uncle Joe”.

For those of you who read this who have a short or faulty memory of life under Stalin, can I remind you of some things. Gulags. Pogroms. Ethnic Cleansing. Government Created Famines. Torture of Political and Religeous Prisoners. Nuclear Proliferation. China, Vietnam, Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Columbia. Remember. Don’t forget, the Soviets were brutal, life smothering, evil creatures who really did want to take over the world and subjugate us. Not free us, but smother us and remove from anyone any shred of individuality so that we would serve the purposes of the Kremlin. If you’ve been keeping up on your History Channel watching you would have heard this little refrain before, from the mouth of Himmler, a peach of a guy who was so grossed out by brain splatter watching his SS work at killing Jews with shots to the back of the head, and undone at the inefficiency of it all, that he invented the concentration camps.

Just a thought.

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