Poetry #1

All poems are the property of the author, Vivian Louise Saavedra, and may not be reproduced with out written consent.

All The Rain

my heart gave out, gave in and turned away
and all i seemed to have was rain
then in the morning of a brand new day
you woke me with a love so bright
sorrow through the dark has seen the day
i am changed and i overcome.

here in the light of a holy God
all the pain has washed away
forever captive to your mercy mine
i hold on tight to who you are
three days down and now you walk again
your loving kindness flows ever on.
Vivian Louise Saavedra



I should be sleeping,
but I am not,
I could be dreaming.

Instead, I pray,
I read,
And sometimes cry.

My enemy, the clock
Stares boldly
Mercilessly mocking.

Tossing and turning,
I get out of bed.

It’s a new day.
Vivian Louise Saavedra

Miss Gaily’s Pillow

Gently down she sets her head,
at the scene of her unrest.
Dreams and tears, screams and secrets,
transverse her nightly test.

Sacred is the silence she demands,
blessed are the hours when she flies.
There in the dark watches where she longs,
to soar through azure skies.
Vivian Louise Saavedra

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2 Responses to Poetry #1

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  2. vivianlouise says:

    I’ve erased the Miss Ya poem as I can no longer be absolutely sure I wrote it.

    It was in the book where I wrote all my poetry, I remember writing it. However, because it has appeared in greeting cards and has been quoted by so many people, I am not sure any longer that I wrote it. Please do not attribute it to me.

    Thank you.

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