Sometimes I don’t post because I don’t think I have anything to say. Sometimes I don’t post because I don’t know how to say any of the twenty things I want to say. Sometimes I just can’t imagine how to process what’s happening in my head to words. I’ll try to be more faithful to do this. Not that more than three people actually read any of this, but more because I am trying to be faithful to the calling I believe God has placed on my life. So, if it looks and smells incoherent, it probably is. Just look away. Hopefully the next time you stop by I will have edited or deleted anything offensive or wrong.

Hopefully too, I’ll be posting my poetry here soon.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Yah, geev us more dis poetry. Vee like dem poems. You call dem “Poem from Glome.” Dat ees gut name, no? Yah, I be poet too! Next time I blog poem, maybe call “Poem from….Home.” What you tink? I tink maybe English ez for poetry, eh?

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