History in the Making

When you see it, you know. It’s that story on the news that makes you sit up and take notice, realizing that you are seeing something big, really big, and you know that you have to soak in every detail, every nuance, because you want to remember. There are lots of stories like that for me, and probably for you too. The Challenger Accident, Tiananmen Square, the Fall of the Berlin Wall, the Bhopal Accident, the Execution of Ceaucescu, September 11, 01. And now added to that list are the protests in Lebanon.

The brave citizens of Lebanon have so far forced the Syrian-puppet PM Omar Karami to resign and now they are turning their efforts to rid their country of it’s Syrian oppressors. Lebanon has been under occupation for twenty years, in part because of the actions of Arafat and the PLO after Jordan kicked them out for doing exactly what they did in Lebanon in the early eighties, run terrorist missions into Israel. The subsequent response from Israel and the continued actions of Arafat destabilized Lebanon and opened the door for Syrian dictator and Moscow stooge, Hafez Asad to declare Lebanon his own. Syria has had troops on the ground, has hand picked governments, and has brutally repressed the people of Lebanon.

Now the people are rising up against oppression, as they have in Ukraine, Poland, Romania, etc. I can’t wait to see what happens. I hope they win!

A bit of history
BBC Coverage of Lebanon

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