Top 10 Reasons to pay for a pedicure

Friday Top Ten Lists
(Every Friday, give or take a day ending in y, I’ll do a top 10 list.)

Top 10 Reasons to pay for a pedicure:
10. Where else would you spend that hour on Saturday?
9. You’d never buy a whole bottle of “Arterial Red”, but you love that color
8. Those fun little toe separators and just-add-water flip flops
7. You don’t have to clean toenail clippings off your furniture
6. The massagey chair, oh baby!
5. The nap you get while in the massagey chair
4. The foot rub
3. Nail polish won’t migrate to your hips the way chocolate does
2. Someone has to support all those illegal-alien nail techs
1. Do you want to be that close to your feet?

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