Movie Review – Super Size Me

This was a funny movie. Aside from a graphic rectal exam scene I could’ve lived my entire life without seeing, I can’t complain about anything I saw. It was also very informative. The doctor’s visits alone should be transcribed and become required reading for parents taking their children to any fast food joint.

See this movie. Much better than the other famous “documentary” film from 2004. Cool extras too, for sure see the fry thing. Wow.

(For the ladies, look away when he is in the doctors office in the beginning of the movie.)

Grade – B

Language, some everyday sort of cussing.

The results of his blood tests alone are very revealing. Prepare to gag. You will never eat another McFry.

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    So what are you wearing?

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    something nice in a green…

    wait, are you an internet creep?

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