Iraq, France & the UN


It’s all so interesting. The news I mean. When I watch the network news all I see is death and destruction and accusations of the Bush administration. Then I turn on Fox News and see a press conference from the head of USAID, a part of the state department. He is pleading with the reporters to please run stories on what they are doing & accomplishing. He said they have over 1000 projects currently running, that the infrastructure is improving, that electricity is now on in most homes 12 hours a day and should be on for 20 hours a day sometime in January. That they have rebuilt numerous schools and medical facilities. He also pleaded for them to remember that the infrastructure they are struggling to restore had been neglected by the Hussein regime for 20 years while he amassed wealth and murdered his own people. He said that many of his co-workers, including many who are in the field in Iraq, disagreed with this war. The ones who come back from working in Iraq to see what’s on the news are outraged and distressed to see that nothing that they have accomplished is reported and that the view of the war is distorted. hmm. (Please forgive me, I don’t remember the man’s name or the correct name of the agency, except I know that it is part of the State Department.)


Algeria and Ivory Coast. Both former colonies of the French, both in chaos. hmm. And now tonight there is a report of a massacre at a protest in the Ivory Coast. hmm And then there are charges of bribery in the Oil for Food program. Hmm. Other reports coming out of France indicate some serious cultural issues are looming for the French and their imigrant population. hmm. In fact, all of Europe seems to be in the grip of losing their identity to imigrants and they are fighting back, passing laws limiting the number of imigrants, specifyingwhat jobs they are allowed to have. hmm. This is all just interesting.

The UN:

The more I read about the UN, it’s dealings, who sits on the security council, who sits on the human rights council, the more I wonder if this body is really the most effective way to deal with the world-community. We can’t go back and isolate, it’s a century too late for that. In a perfect world, where all countries are democracies and the leaders are duly and fairly elected, we could hope for real thoughtful consensus and truly helpful intervention. That’s not what we have. Right down to their “diplomatic immunity” that allows the “diplomats” to ignore the law, the UN acts as a corrupt institution. I get why diplomats need to have a level of immunity, but that immunity should not translate into getting away with murder, or even 1000’s of parking tickets. Perhaps they need a watchdog to be sure they get due process and are not persecuted or wrongfully charged, but being above the law has never once in the history of the world encouraged a free and liberated society. In fact, just the opposite.

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